The Studio

Students in the Studio of Kristin Shoemaker are encouraged to experience the joy of making music through a flexible curriculum that is uniquely tailored to the individual.  Each student is encouraged to create sounds with skill, beauty, and imagination, to share music with others, and to discover the delight of expressing the inexpressible through the piano.

Individual piano instruction is offered in weekly lessons throughout the school year, through face-to-face lessons, live-online lessons, or a blend of the two.  A comprehensive and versatile music curriculum adapted to the interests of each student includes sight-reading, playing by ear, composing, improvising, technique, theory, listening, and ensemble-playing in a variety of musical styles.

Students are given the opportunity to perform in formal recitals and festivals, to participate in national piano and theory examinations, and to share their creativity within more informal settings such as online video groups, overlapping lessons, open houses, and group piano parties.